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Welcome to Global Health Equity, a non-profit organization committed to bridging the healthcare gap worldwide. Our primary focus is on providing necessary medical equipment and supplies to areas in the world that need them the most.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that quality healthcare is not a privilege but a right for everyone. We believe in the power of collective effort and are constantly seeking partnerships with individuals, organizations, and governments to further our mission.

Global Health Equity

Making a Difference

We are proud to have made a significant impact in improving healthcare access in underserved communities. Our efforts have been recognized by various healthcare institutions and non-profit organizations worldwide

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Equity in Health

At Global Health Equity, we believe in the principle of healthcare for all. We operate globally, working to improve access to medical equipment and supplies in underserved communities around the world. Our team of healthcare professionals and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that everyone, regardless of their location or socio-economic status, has access to the healthcare they need.

Our Team

Global Health Equity was founded by a group of healthcare professionals and volunteers who recognized the need for equitable healthcare access worldwide. Our team is passionate about making a difference and is committed to improving the lives of those in underserved communities.

  • Dr. Brian Martin

    Dr. Brian Martin

    Founder / President

    Dr. Brian Martin was raised on the beautiful island of St. Kitts in the British Caribbean. As a child, he was inspired by the healing powers of compassionate family physicians and their love and care. This made him passionate to become a doctor himself and give back to the community. After over 20 years of medical practice, Dr. Martin now wants to impact the world through Global Health Equity Inc. His strong desire is to close healthcare disparities plaguing St. Kitts and many other countries. He hopes the charity will bring medical care to impoverished communities and encourage children from similar backgrounds to support their communities by becoming medical professionals.

  • Micaelle Martin, FNP-C

    Micaelle Martin, FNP-C

    Chief Financial Officer

    Micaelle Martin, with over three decades of healthcare dedication, adds a personal touch to the Global Health Equity non-profit organization. Starting as a nurse in 1989 and becoming a Nurse Practitioner in 2003, her commitment goes beyond the clinical realm, resonating deeply with underserved populations. Actively involved in education and empowerment, Micaelle's personal investment in well-being defines our organization. With diverse experience, caring for everyone from infants to the elderly, she embodies a comprehensive understanding of healthcare needs. In our collective pursuit of a healthier, more equitable global community, Micaelle's personal dedication is a driving force, infusing the human touch that makes our mission impactful.

  • Dr. Daveen M. Wilkin

    Dr. Daveen M. Wilkin

    Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Daveen M. Wilkin is a licensed medical specialist who graduated from the prestigious Carlos Finley University of Medical Sciences in Camaguey, Cuba. She earned her medical degree with a focus in Anaesthesiology, Reanimation and Pain Management. Furthering her expertise, Dr. Wilkin obtained a master's degree in health administration with a focus on hospital management from Walden University in Maryland, USA. Her refined skills and diverse educational background enable Dr. Wilkin to provide exceptional care to her patients.

  • Jonathan Martin

    Jonathan Martin

    Director of Finance

    Jonathan Martin is a dedicated student at Hampton University. Jonathan is pursuing a finance major, with a minor in biology on the pre-med track. In his role as Director of Finance at Global Health Equity, he is committed to making a positive impact by accurately managing and allocating funds. Leveraging his medical knowledge, Jonathan actively contributes to the success of the program, with a special focus on serving the underprivileged.

  • Danielle Martin-Joseph

    Danielle Martin-Joseph

    Chief Legal Officer

    Danielle Martin-Joseph, JD, MBE, is an Attorney and Director of Compliance and Ethics at a Community Health Center in Boston. In 2022, she received her Masters in Bioethics from Harvard Medical School, exploring bias in clinical ethics consultations. Her work with hospital Ethics Consultation services led her to focus on ethics and compliance at the community level. As Director of Compliance, Danielle promotes patient and staff safety through incident reporting, regulatory compliance, HIPAA, ethical dilemmas, risk management, and infection prevention. She serves a diverse community represented in the staff. In law school, Danielle received awards for Access to Justice, Healthcare, and Environmental Law. She worked as an attorney at a Boston non-profit providing legal advice during the COVID-19 pandemic before transitioning to healthcare.

  • Kirt Cable

    Kirt Cable

    Head of Administrative Services

    Kirt Cable is an accomplished marketing expert with an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. For over 20 years, he has built a successful career as a New York and New Jersey-based entrepreneur, investor, and community leader. Leveraging his marketing genius, Kirt innovates solutions that create value worldwide. His experience as a real estate investor, appraiser, and business credit builder gives him a unique perspective. Recognized for merging AI technology and marketing for sustainable growth, Kirt is an inspirational thought leader. His passion for positive change and multifaceted expertise continue to drive his leadership.

  • Fitz-Robert Aaron

    Fitz-Robert Aaron

    Head of Business Development

    Blending expertise in healthcare and business, Fitz-Robert Aaron connects deeply with Global Health Equity's mission to expand access for underserved communities. Through building relationships and leveraging technology with care, capacity is strengthened. Drawing insight from a diverse background, the focus is on progressing the mission forward with pragmatism, purpose and patience. There is profound belief in human dignity and collective uplift. At GHE, the central goal is improving lives by increasing equitable healthcare access. Compassion, wisdom and resolve drive the work, so that collectively we can build a healthier world.

Join us in making healthcare accessible for all.

Joining Global Health Equity was the best decision I made. Not only did it allow me to contribute to a worthy cause, but it also gave me the opportunity to witness the impact firsthand. - William Thomas

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